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BrainStore's Principles

Swiss precision and creative chaos form the "Get. It. Done" mindset.

We focus on the purpose

We delight customers and have a good time doing so.

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We ask questions

We ask questions and don't guess. We know that we don't know.

We are attracted to uncertainty.

We are highly attracted to environments of uncertainty. We like to move out of our comfort zone.

We have skin in the game.

We have skin in the game and as co-entrepreneurs of our customers take personal risks, that's why we apply the Pay-What-You-Wish principle. We don't mind rolling our sleeves up and getting our hands dirty.


Change and innovation need open space and a playful approach.

We embrace the big picture - and work in small cycles

Though we keep the big picture in mind, we work in small, digestible cycles inspired by agile working principles.

Diversity is key

We know that the integration of multiple viewpoints and opinions is key to successful change work. And we work hard to get all the stakeholder's buy-in. We are sensitive to cultural differences.

We love simplicity

Although making things simply can be quite challenging, we treasure simplicity.

Soft factors

Food, drinks, excellent tools, rest, music, locations. It's the details which make a big impact too.

High efficiency

Ongoing improvement of tools and processes. We love to try out new stuff and build on what works . We don't reinvent the wheel.

Dare to share

We wholeheartedly share insights, know-how and findings.

Voluntary participation only

We only work on projects we want to work on. And we only work with customers and participants who want to be part of the change adventure.

Focus on what is relevant

We joyfully ignore what's not relevant and distracting.


We speak up. We make our work visible.


Visualize work, progress and results.

Celebrate failure. Celebrate success

We celebrate failure and celebrate success. Both is very unusual for the Swiss.