Member Agreement

BrainStore Member Agreement

As a BrainStore Member

  • You have priority access to freelancing opportunities and training
  • You get access to the BrainStore Network Roadmap and get updates on activities and progress
  • You can apply for participation in BrainStore's Network Events (Lobby meetings, etc)
  • You can apply to join the Network Champs Team for a cycle. This is an ideal form to get to know the Partners and how the network operates.
  • Partners can invite you to participate in marketing initiatives
  • You have the possibility to apply to participate in BrainStore's Network Projects
  • You can apply for a Sandbox Project to experiment with BrainStore tools
  • Appear on the BrainStore website as a member with a self-editable bio and profile pic. Opt-out is possible.

As a BrainStore Member, you commit to

As a BrainStore Member, you reflect on the value of the membership once a year - in December - and set a price based on the Pay-What-You-Wish principle.

Additionally, on a project basis - for projects you are involved in with a BrainStore Partner

  • You commit to sign an NDA for each project you join
  • You have access to the BrainStore Community via a BrainStore Partner
  • You can apply for a BrainStore email address (usually and a BrainStore Google Drive storage
  • You have the right to use the BrainStore brand and tools to pursue business in line with the BrainStore purpose
  • Be able to apply to join stores of BrainStore Partners and participate in commercial activities
  • Access the BrainStore toolbox (Idea Machine Engine, Site Manager, Boards, Guestlists). For the projects you joined, the Partner in charge can grant you the right to add idea machines, lobbies (with actions), sites, and guests.

Duration of the Agreement

  • The agreement is automatically prolonged as long as the Member complies
  • The Membership may not be transferred to another person or legal entity.

Resiliation of the Agreement

The Membership can be canceled on either side at any time with a notice of 45 days.

Amendments of the Agreement

Amendments to the agreement will be communicated 60 days before they enter into effect.

In Case of Disagreements

In case of disagreement, both parties agree to try to solve the issue in an open and transparent form or to solve the issue with the support of an independent third party of mutual choice. The place of jurisdiction is Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

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Version 1.0 – Draft on 16 January 2024