Partner Agreement

BrainStore Partner Agreement

As a BrainStore Partner, you

  • Have the right to use the BrainStore brand and tools to pursue business in line with the BrainStore purpose
  • Have access to shared files (know-how, production templates, marketing material, etc.)
  • Can open your own BrainStore(s) (on the web or a brick-and-mortar store) and apply to join stores of other Partners
  • Have access to the BrainStore toolbox (Idea Machine Engine, Site Manager, Boards, Guestlists)
  • Have priority access to freelancing opportunities and training
  • Are invited to the BrainStore Partner events (Lobby meetings etc)
  • Co-decide on new partners and the Network Roadmap and any changes in Governance
  • Are entitled to a share in the network's revenue and you decide on the investment of Network resources and the distribution of profits.
  • Can apply to join the Network Champs Team for a cycle.

What you can Expect from your Granting Partner

Support and coaching with delighting your customers and having a good time.

Possible topics

  • How to use the Idea Machine
  • Support in applying the DNA of Innovation
  • Support in finding new customers
  • Support with briefings
  • Support with composing communities
  • Support with motivating participants
  • Support with running Idea Machine workshops
  • Support with the Idea Machine Engine
  • Support with the design of road maps
  • Support with questions regarding innovation culture
  • Support in case of problems with customers

As a Partner, you Commit to

  • Work in line with the BrainStore purpose and adhere to the Code of Conduct
  • Respect the "reserved customers list" (ensuring that multiple BrainStores do not contact customers simultaneously). Request access to the file.
  • Respect the brand identity
  • Run all your customer-related activities via a store - as a store owner or as a team member of the store
  • Share information about your BrainStore activities (per cycle) and provide the network with a cut of your revenue based on the "Pay-What-You-Wish"-principle. Learn more here.
  • reflect on the value of the partnership once a year (in December) and set a price based on the Pay-What-You-Wish principle
  • Adhere to local rules and regulations
  • Make clear to customers that contracts are between the store and the customer
  • Apply the Pay-What-You-Wish principle with your BrainStore customers
  • Keep BrainStore out of personal political party-related or religious activities (in other words, guard BrainStore's neutral position), and in case of political or religious activities, make sure that they are declared as personal activities
  • You agree that your BrainStore bio and your BrainStore profile pic appear on, and images or footage taken of you during BrainStore-related events may be used on BrainStore-related social media and websites.

Duration of the Agreement

  • As long as the Partner complies with the Partnership agreement, the agreement is automatically prolonged.
  • After the test phase, the new partner and the granting partner decide on a definitive partnership - existing partners can veto this decision
  • The Partnership may not be transferred to another person or legal entity.

Changing the Granting Partner

If you want to change your Granting Partner, contact your current Granting Partner and/or a potential new Granting Partner. You can find the list here.

Resiliation of the Agreement

The Partnership can be canceled on either side at any time with a notice of 45 days.

If the agreement is canceled, the Partner commits to

  • inform customers about the cancellation of the collaboration and discontinue using the BrainStore brand no later than 45 days after giving or receiving notice.
  • The Partner agrees to hand over all BrainStore-related immaterial property (domains, Twitter handles, Facebook pages) at the latest 45 days after the cancellation.
  • The Partnership is automatically canceled in case of death or bankruptcy of the Partner.

Amendments of the Agreement

Amendments to the agreement will be communicated 60 days before they enter into effect.

In Case of Disagreements

In case of disagreement, both parties agree to try to solve the issue in an open and transparent form or to solve the issue with the support of an independent third party of mutual choice. The place of jurisdiction is Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.

Version 1.2 - To be approved January 2024
Version 1.1 - Approved 12 June 2023
Version 1.0 – Approved on 12 June 2020