The participants bring in fresh ideas and new perspectives

Internal viewpoint

The internal stakeholders bring the internal view into the community. They bring internal expertise and have inside background know-how and good connections within the organization.

The customer's customers viewpoint

Customers have insights or ideas about products and services from which they ultimately benefit. In order to use this potential, they must not be missing in the creative community of an innovation workshop.

The Political Side

With all innovations, you also have to deal with who you have to have on board so that implementation is possible.

  • Who always says no and basically has an argument against everything (Dr.No)?

  • Who is in a position to facilitate the implementation of a good idea or to make it possible in the first place?

  • Which managers are convinced that only their own ideas are really good?

External experts

External experts contribute with expertise for a relevant aspect of the project's topic. We often recruit these people in other industries.

Lateral thinkers

Lateral thinkers are people who have had nothing to do with the topic until now. This allows them to bring in fresh perspectives and automatically link the topic with other areas from their experience, thus broadening the community's horizons.