Part 2: Recruitment of the Organizing Team for the Flexpedition

Every Flexpedition has an organizing team. The team is carefully composed and consists of guides, external experts and logistics.


  • Communication of participation opportunity
  • Application
  • Preselection
  • Assessment (Where is "unconscious incompetence - where is "unconscious competence"?)
  • Selection

Define the profiles of the members of the organizing team based on the briefing

What skills do we need? How can we identify interesting candidates?

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Announcement of opportunity to join

The opportunity to be part of the organizing team is communicated within and outside of the organization.

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To ensure a well balanced organizing team we do an assessment for the members of the organizing team.

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Define roles and responsibilities

How would we like to split roles and responsibilities within the organizing team? What is the minimal scope of the outcome?

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Commitment of the organizing team

After defining roles and responsibilities the organizing team commits and accepts the challenge.

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Conclusion of the cycle

BrainStore creates a report with the results and the recommendations and presents the results. The customer then has two days to reflect on the value and to set the price. A debriefing concludes the cycle. If both parties agree, the kickoff for the next cycle can take place.

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