COVID-19 response: we are happy to support our customers with workshops with up to 30 participants (where permitted), online brainstorming and trainings. Share your challenge with us and we will get back to you shortly.



Time tunnel

What happened 20 years ago – where will we be in the future? Past developments provide impulses for the future.

Unusual encounters

Working with BrainStore means collaboration with diverse, inclusive teams. We enjoy integrating many different viewpoints in our work.

Get insights into unusual organizations

For example: Construction of prototypes for BMW convertible tops in specialized organization.

Purpose discovery

Discover the common purpose of an organization. What unites us?

Unusual locations

For each Flexpedition we will find suitable locations including accommodation.


Product and service hunting inspires. BrainStore's trend scouts find cool ideas in various countries and industries to inspire the participants of creative workshops. The products are shipped, the observations are documented.

Experience multiple viewpoints

Different perspectives on the same topic stimulate the creative process and create space for the unexpected.

Experience new technology

BrainStore experiments with new technologies and thereby stimulates curiosity. The joy of experimentation and comfort zone are challenged.

Creative Workshop

The BrainStore team loves to bring together participants representing many different viewpoints in fast pace, highly efficient brainstorming-workshops.

Inputs from External experts

External experts inspire during the creative process with their expertise.

Talking heads

Get great statements from renowned experts and let the speak on screens. Ideal tool to ignite your own brain.

From the cradle to the grave

How do your customers experience your services?

Online Surveys

Get your community involved in the process in advance. Identify the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders.