How to update your profile page

Edit you settings

Edit your page here.

Add your bio and translate it

You can translate your bio with this link

Decide what information to share

By making your bio and picture public, you can better collaborate in projects.

Manage your subscriptions


1 Add a good profile picture

Checklist for good pictures

  • Make sure image is of good quality
  • Make sure you're on the picture
  • Make sure it's landscape (16/9)
  • Upload to your profile page in 1600 x 900px

2 Check your bio

Add a good bio of yours. Make sure

  • it's up to date
  • it's interesting
  • it's compatible to share within the network

3 Add a video statement - if you like

4 You can add a bio in English if you have German one and vice versa.

In your profile settings you can add a translation of your bio. This is nice for international projects.
You can translate your bio with this link.

Tip: Deepl is a great tool to translate short texts.

5 Add your geo location data

Add your Geo-Location data - this will let you have an icon on the partner's map. You can do so here.