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BrainStore Glossary

BrainStore specific wording from A to W.

Amassing (process step)

Amassing is the quantitive part of the idea machine process. By looking at a topic from numerous viewpoint a large amount of data is collected (inspirations, raw ideas, observations, answer to questions)

Amassing tools

The BrainStore IdeaMachine offers a variety of amassing tools. Learn more here.

BrainStore Partners

Indiduals who joined the brainstore partner network

Cylce Board

A role in a agile working

Criteria Scan

Structured approach to look at ideas based on success criteria. Followed by the refinement phase

Discovery Phase

The part of the idea machine process where concrete ideas are created. From the quantity to the quality.

DNA of Innovation

34 building blocks in 6 categories describing the essence of innovation and change work

"Get. It. Done."-Events

Facilitated events where team members support each other to get things done.



An idea is an output of the discovery phase consisting of a title and a description

Idea City

The idea city is where the discovery phase takes place. Be inspired by the results of the amassing phase, presented in various formats

Idea Design

Present ideas in a comparable manner

Idea Machine Process

A simple, scalable process to create fresh ideas at the push of button

Idea Box

Online tool for direct access to concrete ideas

Idea Selection

The idea Selection is the process steps where leading ideas are presented to the participants and feedback is collected. You can measure acceptance and polarization of every idea and invited participants to let you know if they are interested in making the idea happen.


Inspirations are generated during the amassing phase

Like Phase

The phase in the idea machine process, where concrete idaes are looked at by the participants. The ideas a participant likes are highlighted

Road Map

Split the future into four segments: the now, the then, the later, the maybe


In agile working we refer to for key roles - the customer, the champ, team-members and the facilitator


The teaser is a short text which is used to prepare the participants for the next idea in the Idea Selection phase. It indicated the direction of the next idea without disclosing it.


Set timeframe with set resources and variable scope


The travelogue is a summary of a production plan. It's oriented on the exploring character of the process.

Workshop Script

A workshop script is a detailed description of what is supposed to happen during a workshop for the organizing team. It can be generated from the Organizing Team Menu in the Cockpit of the Idea Machine software.