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Uns begeistern: spannende Herausforderungen und interessante Menschen.

Willkommen im BrainStore von Markus Mettler. Markus ist BrainStores Gründer und arbeitet an Innovationsfragen seit seinem erfolgreichen Studienabbruch 1989. Markus bringt Erfahrung von über 2'000 Innovationsprojekten mit und interessiert sich vor allem für knifflige Themen. Ein besonders Augenmerk von Mettler's BrainStore ist der Fokus auf die Innovations-Kultur. Was braucht eine Organisation heute, damit Innovationsarbeit zu einem Bestandteil der Kultur im Unternehmen wird? Wie können Menschen von innerhalb und ausserhalb der Organisation zweckmässig eingebunden werden?



BrainStore One Day Online Training, November 2nd, 2019

Join the first Online BrainStore Training Day! A unique remote learning experience and a bubble bath for your innovation spirit.

Ideal if you are looking for new ways and ideas to tackle your innovation and change challenges!


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Case Studies

Product Name Product Description
BrainStore Creative Workshop 2 Days
The "Creative Workshop 2 Days" is a great format to create a set of fresh ideas for a mission-critical topic. We use the proven BrainStore Idea Machine. At the end of the workshop, we have a set of concrete ideas. Every idea has been analyzed based on success criteria. The leading ideas are visualized in a comparable manner and placed on a road map.
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BrainStore Creative Workshop 1 Day
The "Creative Workshop 1 Day" is an intensive workshop to create ideas for a strategic relevant innovation challenge within one day. During the workshop we use the proven BrainStore Idee Maschine process. The workshop is structured in three parts: 1) The amassing phase (goal: quantity). 2) The illumination phase (goal: quality). 3) The like phase (goal: identify the most promising ideas). At the end of the workshop we have a set of concrete ideas, and we know which ideas resonate the most among the participants.
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BrainStore Kreativ-Workshop 1 Tag
Der "Kreativ-Workshop 1 Tag" ist ein intensiver Tages-Workshop zum Entwickeln von starken Ideen zu einem strategisch wichtigen Thema. Zum Einsatz kommt die bewährte BrainStore Ideenmaschine. Der Workshop ist in drei Teile gegliedert: Beschaffungsphase (Ziel: Quantität), Verdichtungsphase (Ziel: Qualität), Like-Phase (Ziel: Auswahl der interessantesten Ideen). Am Ende des Workshops liegt ein Satz von konkreten, bewerteten Ideen zum Thema vor.
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BrainStore Creative Workshop 1/2 Day
The "Creative Workshop 1/2 Day" is a great format for a simple innovation challenge and to get acquainted with the BrainStore Idea Machine. The workshop is structured in three parts: 1) The amassing phase (goal: quantity). 2) The illumination phase (goal: quality). 3) The like phase (goal: identify the most promising ideas). At the end of the workshop we have a set of concrete ideas, and we know which ideas resonate the most among the participants.
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BrainStore Expedition Future
The "BrainStore Expedition Future" is a great voyage to the future of your organisation. Detached from the micro stress of daily business we will look into the future of your organisation. We create awareness for the need of change and a sense of urgency. We leave the comfort zone. We develop powerful initiatives targeting at different areas of your work. We will return from the expedition with a road map for next steps. The expedition is led by experienced BrainStore expedition guides.
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BrainStore Innovation Champ Training
Since 2013, BrainStore's founder Markus Mettler hosts the Innovation Champ Training. This unique training experience always takes place on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month - in alternating locations. The Innovation Champ Training is for innovators, who want to perfection their skills. Each training is customised to the needs of the participants. The basis of the training is BrainStore's "DNA of Innovation" as well as the BrainStore Idea Machine.
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BrainStore Innovation Training for Teams
The BrainStore "Innovation Training for Teams" is ideal for innovation teams within organisations. Based on a good briefing and the needs and the desires of the participants BrainStore designs a customised training program. Experienced BrainStore trainers lead the trainings. Learning by doing and collecting practical experience is a key success factor of BrainStore's "Innovation Training for Teams".
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BrainStore Innovation Check-Up
The "BrainStore Innovation Check-Up" is a customised analysis of the innovation work in your organisation. The BrainStore-Team examines how your team applies the key factors of successful innovation work. How good are the briefings? Are the right people involved in innovation projects? What processes are in place? Are the innovators motivated, what motivation factors are used? What happens with leading ideas?
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BrainStore Innovation Coaching
Experienced BrainStore coaches support you with your innovation projects. Coaching topics include: Improve the innovation culture within your organisation, write good briefings, compose innovation communities (from within and outside of the organisation), motivate participants and support them to move out of their comfort zone and think out-of-the box, run the Idea Machine (find good questions - allocate tools to questions), support with designing good ideas and placing leading ideas on road-maps. Technical support with the Idea Machine Engine.
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BrainStore Idea Machine Engine Access
The BrainStore Idea Machine Engine Software is the ideal catalyst for your innovation work. All central building blocks of the BrainStore Idea Machine can be simply accessed via the tool, which is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS). The key features include: Capture good briefings. Amassing tools: over 20 Tools to collect a large amount of ideas and inspirations. Illumination tools: display of brainstorming results in inspiring formats. Like tool: identify the most interesting ideas. Criteria Scan: analysis of ideas based on a set of success criteria. Idea Selection: get feedback from an ideas jury. Road maps: create the implementation plan for ideas.
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The Innovation Champ's Handbook
The Innovation Champ's Handbook was published by BrainStore's founder Markus Mettler. You can order it online and it will be sent to you as a PDF file. Learn about the key factors of successful innovation work and capitalise on more than 25 years of experience. What you will discover in the handbook: why traditional innovation approaches so often fail, the importance of a good briefing, how to compose the ideal innovation community (who to integrate - who not to integrate). How to motivate your time for innovation work, how to create awareness for change and a sense of urgency. How to use the BrainStore Idea Machine to create fresh ideas on the push of a button. How to design road maps. How to improve the innovation culture in your organisation.
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BrainStore Partnership
Open your own BrainStore and join other partners in their innovation work. As a partner you will receive: - Access to the worldwide BrainStore network with fascinating people - Access to a great set of tools and processes for your projects - Access to numerous tutorials, templates, case studies and the partner newsletter - The right to use the BrainStore brand and the business model - The possibility to participate in interesting projects and the annual partner get together
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BrainStore Add Ons: Net Scouting, Trend Scouting, Idea Interviews, Expert Interviews
Add spice to your innovation projects with BrainStore Add ons. * Net Scouting: surprising ideas from the web * Trend Scouting: surprising ideas from other countries and industries * Idea Interviews: inputs and ideas from your customers and co-workers * Expert Interviews: Know how and expertise from leading experts
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