BrainStore. Get. It. Done.

BrainStore is an international boutique network of innovation entrepreneurs united by the insatiable desire to delight customers and have a good time doing so.

BrainStore was founded 1997 in Switzerland and has run more than 1,000 projects in over 20 countries generating revenue of over USD 50,000,000.

BrainStore's customer list includes more than 50 Global Fortune 500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, the public sector, NGOs, universities and schools, start-ups and yes, individuals.

BrainStore partners share access to an exclusive community of specialists and lateral thinkers, the legendary "get shit done mindset" and state-of-the-art tools for change and innovation work.

BrainStore runs on the avant-garde Pay-What-You-Wish business model. Customers reflect on the value after receiving results and then set the price. There is no minimum and the sky's the limit...

The most important part of BrainStore is the community

Meet the partners, customers and the network of lateral thinkers and experts.

BrainStore's "Get. It. Done"-Mindset


BrainStore uses a set of state of the art tools.

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Pay What You Wish

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