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The current times are challenging. Change must happen quickly and purposefully. For this, we need strong ideas, implementation focus, and a corporate culture that is compatible with times of high uncertainty and fast moving change.

BrainStore is an international network of innovation entrepreneurs, founded in Switzerland in 1997; the BrainStore team has led more than 1,000 innovation- and change-projects in over 20 countries.

BrainStore's client list includes more than 50 Global Fortune 500 companies, as well as 500 small and medium enterprises, government agencies, NGOs, universities and schools, start-ups, and even individuals.

BrainStore applies the avant-garde Pay-What-You-Wish business model. After receiving the results, customers think about their value and set a price. There is no minimum and the sky is the limit.

BrainStore's Products: One Stop Shopping to "Get. It. Done."

BrainStore supplies you with all you need to "Get. It. Done".

  • Online Workshops with Swiss Precision and breathtaking speed - tailored to your needs

  • "Get. It. Done."-events for strong implementation

  • Toolbox: a compelling toolbox with everything you need to create and implement great ideas

  • Training: transforms teams into change agents

  • Flexpeditions – discover the unknown unknowns: Events to dig deeper and speed up the innovation process

BrainStore's principles

Please select image Get. It. Done. We focus on getting things done. We focus on what is most relevant. We joyfully ignore what's not relevant and distracting.
Please select image Simplicity We visualize work, progress, and results. We treasure clear thinking and comprehensive language.
Please select image Amass - Discover - Decide We start with collecting information with quantitative goals - we extract what looks most promising - and decide which avenues to pursue.
Please select image Broadly accepted content - polarizing content We search for, and treasure broadly accepted ideas and strongly polarizing ideas.
Please select image Curiosity and experiments We are highly attracted to environments of uncertainty. We like to move out of our comfort zone. We love to experiment and improve our skills. We ask questions and don't guess. We know that we don't know.
Please select image Creating a framework for good cooperation We work hard - we play hard. We know how important soft factors are to change work. Great ideas happen when fear is absent. Change and innovation need space and a playful approach. We celebrate failure and celebrate success. Both are very unusual for the Swiss.
Please select image Diversity and inclusion In everything we do, we want to integrate humans with multiple viewpoints. We know that the integration of multiple viewpoints and opinions is key to successful change work. And we work hard to get all the stakeholder's buy-in. We are sensitive to cultural differences.
Please select image Clearly defined roles We define roles with clear responsibilities. We only work on projects we want to work on. And we only work with customers and participants who want to be part of the change adventure.
Please select image Code of Conduct and Purpose Working with ad hoc teams means agreeing on collaboration standards and pursuing a uniting purpose.
Please select image Work in Cycles Before we start to work, we develop a good briefing with a set deadline, set resources, and a clear minimal scope. Though we keep the big picture in mind, we work in digestible cycles inspired by agile working principles.
Please select image Ongoing improvement We strive for simplicity and scalability. This allows us to focus on people and content. We try not to repeat ourselves and respect the D.R.Y principles (don't repeat yourself)
Please select image Transparency Fast processing and full transparency. No politics. No games. We wholeheartedly share insights, know-how, and findings. We ask questions, also the unpleasant ones.
Please select image Skin in the game We don't mind rolling our sleeves up and getting our hands dirty. We have skin in the game, and as co-entrepreneurs of our customers take personal risks, that's why we apply the Pay-What-You-Wish principle.

We make magic happen: Examples

BrainStore has run more than 1000 projects. From very large corporations to Government agencies, from NGO to start-ups. And yes, even together with individuals wanting to Get. It. Done.

Liechtenstein 2039

Ideas for the Future of Liechtenstein in the Context of the Jubilee 300 Years of Liechtenstein

Roadmap Electric Mobility 2022

How can we increase the share of plug-in vehicles in new registrations to 15% by 2022

How can the Kunsthaus Zurich become more attractive to the young generation?

The Kunsthaus in Zurich is one of Europe's leading modern art museums.

New apple based drinks

Möhl: the leading Swiss producer of apple juice and cider

How can we become more attractive for the young generation?

The SBB is the leading Swiss Railway company.

BrainStore at the National Academy in NYC

The National Academy is the leading association of American artist and architects

AIESEC - the leading student organisation

What does AIESEC Switzerland's Code of Conduct look like?

Kraft Foods Future Expedition

Where is our organization heading to? What are the unknown unknowns?

Simple and robust tools

All tools are based on replicable and scalable processes and can be applied both in digital settings and during in person workshops.

Titel The Idea Machine Engine: Content Flow from A to Z
  • Amassing
  • Discovery
  • Like
  • Criteria Scan
  • Refinement
  • IdeaSelection
Titel Briefing-Tool BrainStore makes available a robust briefing structure.
Titel Cycle-Board The cycle board is the ideal tool to visualize workflow
Titel Roadmap-Tool With the BrainStore roadmap tool you visualize the big picture.
Titel Sitemanager Share information with the public or your community
Titel Community-Tool This tool allows you to compose the community for your project. Also allows you to fine tune roles and access privileges.
Titel Offers Engine Share collaboration opportunities - manage applications
Titel Lobbies Where it gets done. Online.

Pay-What-You-Wish: BrainStore's Avant-Garde Business Modell

BrainStore has discovered that letting the customer unilaterally decide on the price for services received, leads to an amazing increase in speed, efficiency, focus and value created. All of BrainStore's customers set the price for BrainStore's contribution - after receiving and reviewing the results; they are completely free to set any price they consider adequate. And they do a great job at identifying a fair price.

And now?

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