Have a look at some BrainStore case studies

A roadmap for myStromer AG

Development of the Stromer Roadmap with a 2026 horizon.

How can I become an actor?
How can we become more attractive for the young generation?

How the Gleis 7 was born - now Night GA Travelcard

Fresh ideas for a Rivella summer promotion
Creative Workshop for Intermundo: Trend hunting

Intermundo is the association of the Swiss Youth Exchange Organisation

Fresh Ideas for Little Tree (Wunderbaum)

Little Tree - the no 1 for air refreshers in cars.

How can the Kunsthaus Zurich become more attractive to the young generation?
Kraft Europe Future Expedition

80 managers from Kraft Europe joined us in Biel/Bienne for a three day workshop

How can we be better innovators?
How will the Swiss Museum Pass celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2016?

The Swiss Museum Pass provides access to over 200 museums in all of Switzerland

How can we streamline information sharing across out communication platforms?
How can the city of Biel become more attractive?
How would we like to grow old?
Creative Workshop for Greenpeace: how can we better collaborate
What impact will global trends have on our products?

Huntsman. Leading chemical manufacturer.

What does Virus' Innovation Toolbox look like?
What does the State of Berne look like in 50 years?

Workshop with the Government of the State

What does AIESEC Switzerland's Code of Conduct look like?

On 29 June 2014 a team of AIESEC spent a inspiring day at BrainStore. We created the Code of Conduct for AIESEC Switzerland.

What does the cable of the future look like?

HUBER+SUHNER is global market leader on cabling systems for trains.

What does the bank of the future look like?
New Ideas for the Naville Retail Group

2,000 raw ideas for Swiss retail chain Naville group

Kreativ-Workshop für Quality Alliance Eco-Drive: Highlights der EcoDrive-Strategie 2018 bis 2020

QAED fördert in der Schweiz das ökonomische und ökologische Fahren von Motorfahrzeugen

Creative workshop for Atupri: Fresh ideas for health-promoting WOW offers
How can we reduce stress at work?
New ideas for young target audiences: WWF
Flexpedition for WIR Bank: our bank in the year 2023

Die WIR Bank ist eine gesamtschweizerische Mittelstandsbank.