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The current times are challenging. Change must happen quickly and purposefully. For this, we need strong ideas, implementation focus, and a corporate culture that is compatible with times of high uncertainty and fast moving change

BrainStore is an international network of innovation entrepreneurs, founded in Switzerland in 1997; the BrainStore team has led more than 1,000 innovation- and change-projects in over 20 countries.

BrainStore's client list includes more than 50 Global Fortune 500 companies, as well as 500 small and medium enterprises, government agencies, NGOs, universities and schools, start-ups, and even individuals.

BrainStore applies the avant-garde Pay-What-You-Wish business model. After receiving the results, customers think about their value and set a price. There is no minimum and the sky is the limit.

We make magic happen: Examples

BrainStore has run more than 1000 projects. From very large corporations to Government agencies, from NGO to start-ups. And yes, even together with individuals wanting to Get. It. Done.

Liechtenstein 2039

We help answer the question: "What will our country look like in 2039?"

How can we become more attractive for the young generation?

How the Gleis 7 was born - now Night GA Travelcard

Kraft Europe Future Expedition

80 managers from Kraft Europe joined us in Biel/Bienne for a three day workshop

Re-inventing the sales approach for BMW Z4

Resulting in an incredible campaign presented to cinema audiences all over Europe

New Apple Based Drinks
What does AIESEC Switzerland's Code of Conduct look like?

On 29 June 2014 a team of AIESEC spent a inspiring day at BrainStore. We created the Code of Conduct for AIESEC Switzerland.

How Can the Kunsthaus Zurich Become More Attractive to the Young Generation?
How Can I Become an Actor?
Fresh Ideas for the NYC Artist John Hanning

BrainStore's Products: One Stop Shopping to "Get. It. Done."

BrainStore supplies you with all you need to "Get. It. Done".

  • Online Workshops with Swiss Precision and breathtaking speed - tailored to your needs

  • "Get. It. Done."-events for strong implementation

  • Toolbox: a compelling toolbox with everything you need to create and implement great ideas

  • Training: transforms teams into change agents

  • Flexpeditions – discover the unknown unknowns: Events to dig deeper and speed up the innovation process

The BrainStore Approach

For the past 25 years we have been refining our approach by working with countless clients, testing and experimenting and joyfully learning together. As a result we have identified the guiding principles for our work and built a set of tools that help us bring the best experience to our clients.

We have discovered that letting the customer unilaterally decide on the price for services received, leads to an amazing increase in speed, efficiency, focus and value created. All of BrainStore's customers set the price for BrainStore's contribution - after receiving and reviewing the results; they are completely free to set any price they consider adequate. And they do a great job at identifying a fair price.

BrainStore's Mindset

Swiss precision and creative chaos form the "Get. It. Done" mindset.


Learn about the core-tools, which BrainStore applies every day

Pay-What-You-Wish: BrainStore's Avant-Garde Business Model

The customer sets the price - after receiving the results.

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